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Student Testimonials

The teachers are wonderful. When I came here, I wondered if I would miss my family. But when I see the teachers and meet with them during office hours, they help me with any difficulties. They are like my second family.

Road Alosaimi | IEP Program Student

I love Wilkes’ close-knit community, as well as having professors who truly care about students’ well-being.

Chengyu "Simon" Chu | Computer Science '20

In my time at Wilkes, I’ve met so many great friends and professors. It’s the people that matter.

Amad Alazmi | Environmental Engineering '21

I know Wilkes-Barre is a quiet city, and Wilkes University is not a big school; however, the people here make this place warm and lovely. I am so glad that I chose to study at Wilkes.

Mingzhu Yue| Marketing, Management, Hospitality Leadership '19

The English Language Center will always have a place in my heart…You will find a top-quality academic program taught by expert instructors who are passionate about helping students learn English.

Khadija Abardweel | Nursing ‘26, IEP Program ‘21

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